A fryer can be a wonderful asset to any restaurant, allowing you to serve delicious fried foods to your customer. However, it's important to maintain proper safety and food handling protocol when using deep fryers. Here are three tips for safely owning and operating a commercial fryer:

1. Perform basic maintenance.

  • Have your employees filter the fryer oil daily. Removing the sediment from the food cooked throughout the day will keep your oil fresh for longer. This will improve the taste of your food. Also take this opportunity to clean the part of your fryer usually submerged in oil. Use a wire brush for effective cleaning.
  • Every three to six months, deep clean your fryer. You can do this by draining the fryer and filling it with water and soap. Then, turn the fryer on to heat the soapy mixture as you scrub the fryer. Leave the mixture heating for an hour before draining once more. Rinse the fryer with clean water and allow it to thoroughly dry before adding fresh oil.

2. Replace parts as necessary.

  • When your deep fryer isn't working as it should, fix the problem immediately! Letting your employees work using a broken fryer is a safety hazard that can also decrease the quality of your food. Paying for a replacement part is much cheaper than paying an employee's medical bill.
  • Check with an authorized technician or repair person if you don't know how to fix the machine yourself. They should be able to tell you which parts need to be replaced. You can usually find these parts for affordable prices from reputable fryer parts suppliers like K & D Factory Service Inc.

3. Maintain a safe working environment.

  • Place non-slip mats on the floor around your fryer to reduce potential slipping hazards. Make sure your employees are wearing proper slip-resistant footwear when working around the deep fryer.
  • Ensure that the area around your deep fryer is properly ventilated. According to the Oxford Journals, a study conducted in Norway found that the smoke and fumes given off by cooking are detrimental to the lungs. Keep your employees and customers safe by install a hood over your deep fryer and making sure that it's turned on when the fryer is in use. 

Deep fryers are great pieces of kitchen equipment, but they can be dangerous if not used properly. Proper fryer maintenance, upkeep, and usage are important for the longevity of your business, as well as the health and safety of your staff and customers. These three tips will help you to keep your fryer safe and functioning well.