The 4th of July is a holiday with a lot of meaning-- on this date most Americans celebrate freedom, liberty, and spending time with family. July 4th is the perfect time to throw a wonderful celebration to enjoy with your friends and family. If you are planning a large gathering for this 4th of July, consider the following tips:

Consider Having Your Party Catered

If you are expecting a lot of people at your celebration, having it catered can be cost effective and also give you more time to spend with your guests. Having a catered party doesn't have to mean boring entrees! Many catering companies offer chefs that will work the grill so you don't have too. At your 4th of July party you can have All-American classics like freshly grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ ribs without having to go to the grocery store or buy to buy food, or waste time cooking when you can be spending time with your guests. Don't forget to ask for potato salad, sweet grilled corn, and baked beans for your party menu. To learn more, contact a catering company like Bassett Caterers

Have Activities for Kids

The 4th of July is typically a family holiday, so it is a good idea to plan kid-friendly activities for your 4th of July bash. A small kiddie pool, access to bubbles, and a few balls to play with typically make the smaller members of a party happy. If you know that there will be many kids attending, consider renting a bouncy house for the kids to jump in.

Stock Your Bar

A lot of people enjoy having a drink while celebrating the 4th of July. Depending on your budget, you can serve just beer and wine if you want to keep costs down. If you choose to throw a party with liquor, buy enough vodka, bourbon, and tequila to serve your guests. Encourage mixed drinks, as shots of alcohol can lead to very crazy behavior! 

Red White and Blue

On the 4th of July, don't feel afraid to go red, white, and blue all the way! Incorporate flowers that are red , white, or blue, paper plates, napkins, and even cups. 4th of July is a major holiday in America, and it deserves a big celebration.

Provide Fireworks (If Legal in Your State)

If you and your friends and family members can't view fireworks, consider providing  your own fire works for the 4th of July. They may not be as amazing as bigger fireworks shows ,but they are still a lot of fun.