If you are a food service manager, chances are good that you are prepared to make sure that food of any type meets the standards set by the restaurant and is ready to go out to the customer. However, if you work at a contract food service management company, you might find it difficult to find restaurants that are not looking for full-time food service managers. Here are some other companies that might be interested in a contract food manager's services that you might not have thought of.

1. Movie Theaters

Although it was a common prediction that the rise in home theaters would cause the movie theater industry to decline, the reality is that people are still going to movie theaters in droves and that movie theaters are stepping up their game in order to compete with the home theater industry. One way that movie theaters compete is by offering prepared food and drinks that go beyond the simple popcorn or soft pretzel. Many theaters offer a full bar and a host of appetizers that guests can purchase before the show and have delivered to their seats during the previews. Because movie theaters are not used to producing prepared food and delivering it, they will likely need a food service manager to check to make sure that the food is ready to go.

This type of job is great for a contract food service management company because it allows them to help movie theaters get on their feet and into the swing of giving prepared food to guests and allows them to move onto another job when the movie theater is ready.

2. Grocery Stores

There are also a large number of grocery stores that are now creating prepared meals for their guests. This is because the grocery stores want to take advantage of the people who grow hungry while grocery shopping and want to get a quick snack or meal. Food service managers will be able to inspect the food before it gets to the customer and train a permanent food service manager that will allow the company move onto other projects.

3. Meal Delivery Services

Finally, meal delivery services that help make sure that the elderly get the nutrition they need will also need someone to check to make sure that the food is ready and tweak the menus so that they appeal to the largest number of seniors possible. 

For more information about these types of contract jobs, talk to a company that specializes in contract food service management.