Do you have a few best girlfriends that are so dear to you that you count them as almost-family? Maybe your small group even went through elementary, middle school, and high school together before you went away to college and then returned home. Or, it might be that your best friends are new to you and you have become soul mates to each other. Whatever the scenario, perhaps you are all so busy living your own lives that you have to schedule together times or they won't happen.

If you take turns arranging the get-togethers, maybe your turn is coming up very soon. From arranging to meet at a coffee shop to surprising the gals with take-home gifts, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a fun visit with your best buds.

Meet At A Coffee Shop

Think of the times you've been on the phone with one of the gals in your group and she said something like, Hold still while I grab a cup of coffee. Or, another one might state, You know I can't get going on my day without at least one cup of java, right? The point is, all of you enjoy a good cup of coffee, right? With that in mind, wouldn't it be fun to meet your best girlfriends at a coffee shop that serves things like sandwiches and pastries?

The coffee shop will more than likely have various flavors of both coffee and coffee creamers. For example, one of you might select chocolate flavored coffee and then add hazelnut flavored coffee creamer to create a rich and unique taste. The options are limitless. The coffee shop probably also offers organic coffees which have been grown in soil that was free of things like pesticides. 

Add a salad and a delicious treat for dessert and you'll end up with a wonderful meal while you visit for as long as you can stay.

Give A Little Gift

Consider giving the gals a little gift that will remind them of times spent together in the past. For example, do you have a kindergarten picture that includes all of you? Perhaps you have a picture of all of you taken with your high school graduation cap and gown. Choose a special snapshot and put the picture you have selected in a pretty frame so that it can find a special place at each friend's home. Another idea is to give each of your friends a bottle of bubble bath. Remind them to take time out of their busy days just to simply relax.